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  • Jason Hesley

TETSUO: Italian post-metal act to release sophomore album "Dots" in April!

Italy’s TETSUO will release their sophomore album “Dots” on April 13th 2024 via Hypershape Records.The first single, the title track “Dots”, is now streaming at THIS LOCATION.

Starting from post-metal and absorbing influences from 90’s noise and early post-hardcore, TETSUO represents one of the most relevant but unpredictable bands of the Italian underground. The overpowering feeling that emanates from the album’s tar-thick hymns is a stirring combination of exhaustion and determination. These six songs are devastatingly heavy, but the band gives equal attention to soaring melodies, speaker-rupturing riffs and to dark, immersive atmospheres, drawing inputs from several different musical sub-genres.The band commented:

“‘Dots’ is a story of routine. Every ‘Dots’ song was born on a Friday night, nearly at the same hour, during our rehearsals, in the same location. ‘Dots’ is the result of a sound evolution where everything around it remains the same: same beers, same whiskeys, same volumes, same way of thinking about riffs, same expectations about what we’re doing, giving our best in every circumstance... always the same, always different…”

TETSUO started as a three-piece in April 2019. During 2020, the band became a five-piece adding another guitar and voice to the line-up. In 2022, TETSUO’s self-titled debut album came out via Hypershape Records and the band started playing live shows around the North of Italy. The live activity lead to the composition of their second album: “Dots”. Today, the sound of the band is a balanced mix of post-metal and post-rock elements, with more unconventional 90's post-hardcore riffs and sounds enhanced by an interesting use of stompboxes.

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