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  • Jason Hesley

TERREUR NOCTURNE present "Solitude Post-Mortem"

TERREUR NOCTURNE [Atmospheric Black Metal] present their debut album "Solitude Post-Mortem", to be released on 13 October 2023 on Music-Records.

With the release of this new album, TERREUR NOCTURNE is releasing the Tape Audio format of the album. At the same time, the 'Royaume Onirique' EP is being released in digipack CD format. This bundle is a limited edition.

The single "Fardeau de mes Peines" is available on digital platforms.

The artwork was created by Matthias from Macchabée Artworks.

Promotional items are available in the "DROPBOX" link.

For all promotional contacts, here is the email to contact:

"Terreur Nocturne opens the doors to its nightmarish universe with the album "Solitude Post-mortem", so that all lonely sleepwalkers are no longer condemned to eternal wandering".

Tracklist :

1.Hommage Post-Mortem

2. Précipices

3. Terreur Nocturne I

4. Fardeau de mes Peines

5. Παρθένος Θάνατος

6. Le Bal des Condamnés

7. Malédiction Fantasmagorique

8. Tribulations

9. L’Écho Muet de mes Plaintes

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