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Technical German death/thrashers TANKOBOT debut with the "Nightshift” EP!

Tankobot was founded in 2004 by Jo and Daniel. The two are still the creative center of the thrashers today. Daniel is responsible for the riffing, while Jo provides the lyrics. Everyday temptations, injustice in the world and the criticism of society that is almost obligatory for this subgenre form the themes.

“At some point, our drummer at the time brought someone with him: That's Torsten, he plays guitar with us now,” says Daniel about the completion of the first line-up of the Cologne based band.The first gigs followed, including a tour lasting several days all the way to Bavaria.

After just one year, however, the group seemed to have come to an end. Singer Hans (Reactory) moved to Berlin. “As a result, the band was more or less inactive until 2010,” says Daniel, summarizing the unsatisfactory situation for Tankobot at the time. Jo also played bass for the Cologne-based genre colleagues Damage Source during that time. It then took until 2011 before a permanent line-up was found. The band performed sporadically, such as at the popular underground format “Rhein In Blood” in Cologne's Jugendpark in 2014.

The following year, the band's first release, simply called “Demo 2015”, met with a positive response.

Jan Jaedike wrote in Rockhard Magazine: “These guys from Cologne play well thought-out, but always wonderfully old-school and pleasantly bad-tempered thrash. The riffing is great, but what makes the whole thing really stand out is frontman Jo Fingergrinder's rough vocal style and the guitarist duo's awesome leads. The five-tracker doesn't constantly remind you of the usual scene suspects ...”

This was followed by more live appearances including gigs with Insanity Alert and Night Demon, among others.

Finally, the band parted ways with their drummer at the beginning of 2019. “It wasn't an easy decision, as we're all friends,” says guitarist Torsten, describing the situation. “Unfortunately, further development was not possible with him, but we sorted it out and parted on good terms,” adds Jo. The three remaining metalheads came across Julian via an online ad. As the drummer is twenty years younger than his colleagues, he also brought new influences into the group, such as his favorite band Meshuggah.

After the live activities could be intensified again, Corona struck.

Instead of letting themselves be put off, the band decided to go to Gernhart Studio (Destruction, Tankard) and finally put the new vigor on record professionally.

The result is called Nightshift.

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