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  • Jason Hesley

Technical blackened death metal band Ulterror from Finland releases their debut album in March 29 - Third single out now!

Finnish technical blackened death metal band Ulterror releases their debut full length "Transcendent Origins" on March 29th 2024! Third and last single before the album release "Vector Nebula" is now available on music services.


Band tells about the song:"Vector Nebula is a relatively fast-paced song that includes aspects from several genres, ranging from tech-death to black metal.Theme-wise, Vector Nebula is akin to Sublimations. Each song tells a story of the great entities that stand guard between universes. As its name suggests, this vile being penetrates inside living organisms, polluting and destroying them completely. The cacophonic ending of the song represents the unfortunate fates of some of the brave explorers who fall prey to this deadly nebula." Listen to the single on music services (Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Deezer etc.):

Album pre-order available at Inverse Store and Bandcamp.

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