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  • Jason Hesley

Tech-Death Band PROCEED ON YOUR WAY TO OBLIVION Releasing 'Ceremorphosis' in September!

The new force in U.S. Technical Death Metal, PROCEED ON YOUR WAY TO OBLIVION, is set to release debut album Ceremorphosis on September 23 via Blood Blast Distribution.

Featuring current and past members of Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Cognitive, We Are The Romans, and Aronious, the band has released two singles from the album so far, "Atrophic Radiance" and "The Whispered One," which can be heard at the links below.

"Atrophic Radiance" (Lyric Video):

"The Whispered One" (Stream):

PROCEED ON YOUR WAY TO OBLIVION was formed in 2018 by Michael Ranne Jr and Steve Visone. The band members reside in several locations throughout the U.S. The name of the band was taken from a line by Unicron, a character in the 1986 animated motion picture Transformers the Movie, although quite a bit of the subject matter contained in the lyrics deal in Dungeons and Dragons lore.


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