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TALIA HOIT Releases Emotional New Symphonic Music Video "Angel"

Talia Hoit is an American singer-songwriter from Colorado. She was classically trained at a young age and now she writes songs and various symphonic metal compositions. She has contributed to bands for the last two decades and also has a collection of solo works. Collaborating with a talented group of producers and musicians, the songstress is sharing her latest music video for her single "Angel."

With this recording and everything that Talia Hoit does, her main goal is for the listener to feel the song and the emotion behind the lyrics, and what the song is about.

"I am striving for really great production quality so that it’s enjoyable to listen to and so that the song itself is communicated in a way people can resonate with," says Hoit.

Working with producer Jarek Musil, Talia Hoit's "Angel" is a symphonic rock ballad that truly touches the heart of all who hear it. About the loss of someone who died way too soon in life that was personally close to Hoit. She explains further:

"This is a very special song to me personally and I hope it will resonate with everyone. I wrote it just as an attempt to process my own feelings after I had experienced the loss of my childhood friend from a rare and aggressive cancer, and then over time and after experiencing more losses in my life, the song has become a really emotional expression of my heart and soul, and I hope that it will be moving to a lot of other people too."

Originally released as just a SoundCloud stream, "Angel" will be officially released on June 9, 2023, on all platforms and before it drops, its music video can be seen above.

Fans can expect a lot more music coming from Talia in the future, she has many songs that she looks forward to releasing in the future. Dark, introspective, and metaphorical, Talia’s symphonic metal gives new life to the genre. It is recommended for those who enjoy Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Evanescence.

Digital pre-save "Angel" at

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