• Jason Hesley

SYSTEM TRASHED drop "Stand Up" lyric video!

SYSTEM TRASHED are the bad guys of Logan City [Australia] Power Groove Speed Metal and have been described as OLD SCHOOL, LEATHER CLAD, FIST PUMPING,  HEAVY METAL WARRIORS !!! Taking time out from roaming the sprawling residential wastelands of Logan Central and surrounding districts,  they stole some electric guitars, learned them up good, then took to the stage to perform their unique and destructive form of Speed Metal Rock & Roll to live audiences throughout their neighbourhood, developing their sound through regular live performance and the influence of bands such as Slayer, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead etc… delivering a live show devoid of the typical Rock star posturing and taking each performance to a bombastic new level.

Forming in 2011, System Trashed’s debut album WARRIOR was independently released in 2014 to enthusiastic reviews that drew comparisons to bands of the NWOBHM genre. Their second album EDGE OF THE NIGHT released in 2017, displays a stylistic progression with faster Thrash Metal influences, undeniable Punk vitality, Doom and Progressive elements and more complex arrangements. EDGE OF THE NIGHT saw the development of their new style POWER GROOVE SPEED METAL, a melding of Thrash Metal, Punk Spirit and destructive half-time Power Groove riffage.

Always staying active and driven to play faster, heavier, the band had a massive year in 2018 with the addition of new Drummer, Mexico Cities’ Mauricio ‘Renegade’ Galicia, bringing further energy, vitality and outright speed to the band, System Trashed played some of the biggest Metal festivals in Australia and continued their breakneck pace in playing live and writing and recording new material. The culmination of their shows in 2018 saw the release of live album ‘DE REGRESO A LA CALLE’, 12 tracks and 49 minutes of blistering live METAL POWER !!!! The release of the album increased System Trashed’s profile with widespread radio airplay throughout the world…

In a time of ever increasing down-tuned guitars, depressively self-absorbed bands and clichéd lyrical content, System Trashed is one of the few attempting to save the dying art of Rock & Roll with blasting guitar tones, a relentless focus on delivering blistering live energy and writing songs with lyrical depth and an element of originality and positivity delivered through powerful vocals.

2020 sees System Trashed preparing for further live performance in support of the release of their third studio album, ‘OXYGEN THIEVES’, their fastest, heaviest and most electrifying album yet.

OXYGEN THIEVES is SYSTEM TRASHED’s fourth album and the follow up to the 2018 live album DE REGRESO A LA CALLE. OXYGEN THIEVES brings a further development of speed and intensity to SYSTEM TRASHED’s trademark style POWER GROOVE SPEEED METAL.


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