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  • Jason Hesley

Syrup Moose Records welcomes... SCOURED!

Scoured has absolutely smashed their way into the world with this self-titled, 61 minute record. The evolution in Scoured is one that kind of has to be seen to be believed, with their first release being a straight up grind-record described as “years of rage condensed into 3 minutes” and this self-titled being a beast of a different fucking kind. This sweeping doom, epic, black, gaze, funeral, fucking utter beast of a thing is a ride from start to finish. The longest of a host of very long songs tops out at 25 minutes, so get yourself a snack and buckle the fuck up.

Also, just look at that art. I mean, god damn.

As with all Syrup Moose Records Releases, this record will launch with a cassette and a tarot card.

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