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  • Jason Hesley

syk Release Lead Single Off ‘eartHFlesh’

Crafting a sonic universe that defies traditional conventions, syk transcends mere genre labels, forging a path that is distinctly their own. The Italian collective, known for its intricate compositions and relentless innovation, stands at the frontier of the extreme metal scene, challenging perceptions and pushing the limits of musical expression.

eartHFlesh, the eponymous first single from syk’s upcoming album, emerges as a relentless force, a tumultuous journey through realms of existential despair and raw, unbridled power. It’s a manifesto of scorn, rooted deeply within the Earth, a scathing critique of a world mired in deception and decay. The track serves as a colossal monument, embodying the spirit of revolt and the inexorable decay of the natural and spiritual world.

Drawing inspiration from the desolate reality of our existence, eartHFlesh mirrors the decline of society, the environment, and the very fabric of what it means to be human. It’s not just music; it’s a wake-up call, a stark reminder of the consequences of our collective apathy. “Scorn, rooted above and fallen on Earth,” Stefano echoes, a chilling prophecy of our own making.

eartHFlesh is about all of us and how decadence permeates our world, often manifested through brutal violence.” Says Stefano. “We’re in a time of transition where evil is mostly manifested through power. The same power that promoting ignorance degraded our planet killing the importance of being an individual instead of a passive citizen.

The accompanying video, a visual masterpiece that complements the single’s haunting melodies and crushing intensity, can be seen here:

It’s a glimpse into the heart of darkness, an invitation to confront the truths we’ve long ignored.

Things will never change as long as we’ll not feel the urgency of our responsibility as humans of what we’re creating around us.

eartHFlesh comes out May 10 on Season of Mist.

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