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  • Jason Hesley

SYK Nail False Idols to "the Cross" on New Single!

Avant-garde metal warriors SYK carve a wide path through the wilderness of conventional music on their new album. On its second single, "the Cross", the Italian avant-garde metal warriors draw us deeper inside the cavernous intellectual labyrinth that is eartHFlesh.    

Watch the hard-hitting performance video for "the Cross"

eartHFlesh comes out May 10 on Season of Mist.

Marked with their signature streak of rich, heavy stylistic experimentation, "the Cross" is infused by SYK's spirit of rebellion. The song starts by assuming the form of tightly coiled tech-death, only for the riffs to rear into a crushing, distorted groove. "I reject your holy ornaments", Stefano Ferrian growls before blackened melodic tremors and a concussive wave of blast beats bring the band to a deadly but melodic conclusion.    

"‘the Cross’ is a symbol of transformation", Stefano says. "Everything that was sublime in order to achieve a new mental universe".

The video for "the Cross" peels back the song's churning layers of production to reveal the beating heart of its creation – the band, in their most elemental form, locked into a chaotic but liberating rhythm. Here, within the flickering shadows and stark light, the raw, unadulterated essence of SYK’s rebellion is laid bare.

"This song is about leaving all the cancerous concepts we accepted and ingested from society in order to create something better for each creature existing on earth", Stefano continues. "Violence is for criminals and perverted minds. Organized violence is for Nations led by criminals.

"The rage that's put into "the Cross" is directed at all those leaders that are steering us to a quick destruction. Not just for ourselves, but also for all those creatures that has nothing to do with our unstableness."

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