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  • Jason Hesley

Swedish grindcore band IPCC's to release album "Impact Adaptation Vulnerability"

Get ready for the sonic onslaught that is IPCC's new album "Impact Adaptation Vulnerability"! Hailing from Sweden, IPCC is a relentless force in Grindcore, Death Metal, Punk and Dbeat, aiming to musically express the raw urgency of the ongoing climate crisis. Set to be released on July 27th, 2023, this album serves as an auditory reflection of each chapter of the Sixth Assessment Report, charged with primal emotions of doubt, fear, frustration, hypocrisy, despair, rage, and hope.

Brimming with a brutal diversity of sounds and perspectives, the album features an impressive line-up of 20 expert contributors from 12 different countries spanning all six continents. The result is a blistering collection of 19 songs that will shake you to the core and awaken a sense of urgency to act.

"Point of Departure and Key Concepts," the first track, sets the stage for the auditory journey ahead, leading into other notable tracks like "Water," "Cities, Settlements and Key Infrastructure," and culminating in the sobering final track, "Failure". IPCC's brutal soundscape, featuring guest vocals from artists such as Val of Argento Records and Michela of Aptera, is sure to captivate fans of bands like Nasum, Vader, and Autopsy.

The album will be available in digital format, with a special dubbed thrift-store cassette available upon request. Moreover, all proceeds from the album will be donated towards environmental restitution and justice, making your support a direct contribution to combating the climate emergency.

Don't miss this explosive release from IPCC. Experience the raw, primal urgency of "Impact Adaptation Vulnerability" and join the fight against climate change. Find the album on Bandcamp and support the cause at

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