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  • Jason Hesley

Swedish Black Metal solo project Faidra releases its contemplative sophomore album “Militant"

Swedish solo project Faidra emerged in the late summer of 2019, with a sound deeply rooted in the Atmospheric/Orthodox Black Metal genre, drawing significant inspiration from the early 90s Scandinavian Black Metal scene, especially Burzum. The inception of Faidra was somewhat accidental, stemming from explorative sessions in Dark Folk music. The man behind Faidra, having played in various bands and primarily in the Folk Music genre since the late '90s, found a new musical direction which evolved into the entity known as Faidra.

With modest aspirations, the initial goal was simply to share the music on platforms like Spotify. Reaching out to a few labels led to a partnership with Northern Silence Productions, resulting in a multi-album deal and the release of the debut album, “Six Voices Inside.” The debut found its audience and established a foundation for Faidra’s distinct sound and song structures.

Building on this foundation, Faidra presents the sophomore release, “Militant: Penitent: Triumphant”, scheduled for release on the 3rd of November 2023 in various formats including Digital, CD, LP, and Cassette. The creation of this album was a sporadic endeavor, spread out over almost three years, reflecting the artist's limited availability. The album retains the familiar sound structures, ambient synth, and slow tempos that characterized the first album, while also integrating some new elements and influences.

“Militant: Penitent: Triumphant” explores a specific theme, a contemplation on sin, penitence, and redemption, mirroring the title of the album and representing the three states of the Catholic church. This thematic focus is a departure from the debut album, which addressed a variety of subjects. The album manifests Faidra’s continued exploration of the Black Metal genre, contributing a unique voice to the conversation, and offering listeners a thoughtful examination of thematic concepts through the medium of music.

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