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  • Jason Hesley

SURVIVE Issue New Jam Session Studio Vlog, Day 12!

Tokyo based “Samurais from Hell” SURVIVE – active in the world for 20+ years - are currently in the studio, working on the band's next full-length album, coming out in 2022. The band wants to share their studio experience with their fans, releasing jam session studio vlog updates, now available Day 12.

The band stated:

“We lost the place to work with this pandemic. It's a concert or a tour. This pandemic stopped our band from gigging and touring.

We decided to use the time we have now to create new music in the studio.

We will share this studio experience with our fans over the coming months as a Vlog. We are also looking for a label to release this new album in Europe and Russia.

We are still composing the songs so there are jam sessions to help us to compose the final songs.

The plan is to have this album out 2022. We are looking forward to see you all very soon live!”

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