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  • Jason Hesley

Surrender To Darkness With New Prog-Death Metal Track “Seeds of Hatred” From Canada's ETHEREAL VOID!

Ethereal Void is a 3-piece death metal band from Ontario, Canada that incorporates groove and progressive elements into their dark, rhythmic sounds of worship to the void. Forged in the void transcending time and space, they sought to create music different from our past experiences. Thus far, they have created two albums “Disciples of the Void” (2020) and “Acolytes of Entropy” (2021), and now their third “Gods of a Dead World” is ready to see the light of day. The first look at what’s to come is the single “Seeds of Hatred”. The band shares the theme and sound:

“This song is about a geographic area that’s cursed to be forever torn by war. Era after era, it sees bloodshed and turbulence. It is the type of groove-based chug-fest you’d expect from us. Like most of the album, it’s a crushing and to-the-point track about an area cursed to eternal warfare and bloodshed.”

Compared to the previous two albums, “Gods of a Dead World” is a departure. Ethereal Void started out as straightforward death metal with what was arguably progressive and groove influences. This new album takes that sound to a much more epic and grander scale while retaining the core of those aforementioned elements.

Those looking for groove-based death metal darkness need to look no further than Ethereal Void’s “Seeds of Hatred” single, which is streaming now, it is recommended for fans of Gojira, Septicflesh, and The Design Abstract.

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