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SUPERMODEL TAXIDERMY Reveals Cover Artwork and Track Listing + Pre-Order For Upcoming Album “At What Cost” + New Video “Lipstick”

Canada’s Supermodel Taxidermy is a dynamic force in the thrash metal and hardcore punk scene, delivering a unique blend of intense guitar hooks, heavy drums, and catchy bass lines. Formed after the success of the solo project EP “A Whorer Story”, the band continues to push boundaries, addressing societal horrors through their music while injecting elements of fun and pop culture. Prior to the release of the album "At What Cost" on May 31, 2024, they are releasing the cover art and track listing along with their lead single / music video "Lipstick".

They comment on the album artwork:

“The artworks concept is about demons entering and exiting the passageway to hell; as they get closer to the entrance their horns grow predominantly. The demons leaving seem to make their horns disappear as they get closer to society. The very front of the painting has a war between two demonic entities who are pulling a human in opposite directions. This signifies what it takes to keep your composure intact and stay true to who you are in a ruthless society. This is why we titled it “At What Cost”.”

A collaborative effort, the majority of this album looks at death lyrically. A lot of the writings question the cause and effect of vices and the wrong choices that can be made throughout our lives. Musically this album is fast and heavy as hell. Supermodel Taxidermy wanted to have it throwing left hooks repeatedly, there are not many moments on this record when it gives you a break.

Shawn Maynard, lead guitarist and vocals also comments, “Our pyramid crumbles without one member supporting the other. We are constantly writing, and this album is just the beginning. Expect more to come; we already have a few in the bank!”. The album is recommended for fans of Suicidal Tendencies, Iron Reagan, and Dayglo Abortions.

“At What Cost” is due out on May 31, 2024, and available for pre-order / pre-save at the following links:

Music Video - “Lipstick” -​

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