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  • Jason Hesley

Supayniyux to release Genocidio Infernal on July 3rd.

From Deepest Records is proud to announce the international release date of Supayniyux's highly anticipated debut full-length album, "Genocidio Infernal." The Swiss black metal outfit is set to unleash a relentless onslaught of blasphemy, disgust, perversion, destruction, and worship of evil. Featuring ten tracks of uncompromising aggression and malevolence, "Genocidio Infernal" showcases Supayniyux's dedication to spreading their message of hatred and the complete annihilation of religious dogmas that have held humanity captive in ignorance and mental slavery. Tracklisting:

  1. Adoración y Culto Al Mal

  2. Muerte A Cristo

  3. Profanación

  4. Era de Semen y Sangre

  5. Holocausto

  6. Exterminación

  7. Invocación Al Chivo

  8. Profanus-Mentis

  9. Fetos Perversos Para Satán

  10. Genocidio Infernal

Recorded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2022 by Ukhupacha and Lukuyay, the founding members of Supayniyux, and mixed/mastered in Quito, Ecuador by Andrés Aguirre at DeadSign Rec, "Genocidio Infernal" captures the band's raw and relentless sound with exceptional clarity and precision. The striking album cover art was skillfully crafted by Peruvian illustrator Diego Cuentas, further enhancing the atmospheric darkness and visual impact of the release. Formed in 2004 by three maniacs from Ecuador - Lukuyay, Sajgra, and UkhuPacha - Supayniyux, meaning "demoniac" in Quechua, draws inspiration from the god of death, Supay, and embraces their cultural identity through their chosen name. Supayniyux's current lineup consists of Ukhupacha on drums and Lukuyay on guitars, vocals, and bass. "Genocidio Infernal" will be available worldwide on July 3rd, 2023, in a limited edition tape format of 150 copies through From Deepest Records. It can be ordered from the label's Bandcamp. Additionally, a Vinyl version of the release is expected to be available around September/October.

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