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  • Jason Hesley

SUMAC Announce ‘The Healer’ Remix EP, ‘The Keeper’s Tongue’

SUMAC have announced a The Healer remix EP titled The Keeper's Tongue, which they will release on July 5th. The EP will follow just after the release of The Healer, their new 2xLP, on June 23rd. Ahead of the EP and album, the group have shared the remix for "World of Light," a fittingly adventurous reimagining of SUMAC's sound by Moor Mother, with further production by Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City). The track warps snippets of SUMAC's sound into a scintillating beat, bass oozing from beneath a slow churn as Moor Mother injects subtle intensity with her steady but fervent rapping centered on death, money, technology, and apathy in the current political landscape. After a guitar figure suspends the piece in ether, SUMAC's dense waves of sludge burst to the fore in tandem with Moor Mother's climactic final verses.

On the collaboration and track, SUMAC's Aaron Turner noted: “Moor Mother is an artist we’ve wanted to work with and admired for a long time, and we are excited we were able to come together for this. We had a feeling this would be a fitting pairing, yet the result exceeds expectations. So much deep resonant power and feeling in this piece! We are grateful for this connection and the resulting music - it's also highly appropriate and meaningful at this particular moment in time. Thanks to Camae and Scott Evans for realizing such a great piece of music - looking forward to more!"

Moor Mother said of the project: "It's a pleasure to work with SUMAC – they are really sweet. I’m excited because we have more to come! Stay tuned."

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