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  • Jason Hesley

SUICIDAL ANGELS - release new song 'Virtues Of Destruction'!

Today greek thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS release their brand new track 'Virtues Of Destruction', which is part of their highly anticipated new album Profane Prayer.

Profane Prayer will be released on the 1st March 2024 via Nuclear Blast Records. SUICIDAL ANGELS also announced a European tour, which starts in March 2024. All tourdates are listed below.

Singer Nick comments about the new song 'Virtues Of Destruction' : "Our 3rd single just landed! Almost 2 weeks before our headline European tour, we are glad to share with you one more song from our new album “Profane Prayer”! Play it loud and headband along with the whole neighborhood!!!"

He adds about the new album Profane Prayer: "The time has come! Finally, almost after 4 years, the 8th studio album of Suicidal Angels is true and ready to unleash itself in to the market, bringing you some new tunes to satisfy the needs and the appetites of the toughest audience! March the 1st of 2024, this beast will be out, in digital and physical form in all of Nuclear Blast’s channels. We have returned and it will be killer!!!”

Pre-Order the new album Profane Prayer here: 

Watch the video for 'Virtues Of Destruction' here:

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