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  • Jason Hesley

SUFFER YOURSELF: drop the new track "Spit in the Chasm"

Funeral doom institution SUFFER YOURSELF conspires with Aesthetic Death to release “Rip Tide”, the band’s third album, on June 25th 2021. With the new album nearing release this month, the band has dropped “Spit in the Chasm”. Check it out above. Dark, morose, dirgeful– a maelstrom of intense doom death. SUFFER YOURSELF have returned – following the acclaimed and respected 2016 release of “Ectoplasm” – with a new album that has taken the band to a new level of composition, construction and expression. What immediately stands out is the darker death metal tones found within “Rip Tide” – those tones signified in the deathly doom of acts such as Esoteric or Evoken – however, SUFFER YOURSELF create their own space, with the maturity from over a decade of craft and unblinkered vision. Throughout “Rip Tide” there is an undercurrent of suffocating drone – with all tracks being built upon the claustrophobic foundations of a drone score created by Belarusian artist UGASANIE. From that point the expressive composition adds layers of beautifully dissonant guitar work that has a notable 90s death metal feel to it. Within that there is an almost cinematic scope to the album – with sounds and samples embroidered into the music. The final touch being delivered with a mesmerising cello part – that is wonderfully woven into the tracks and adds such depth. Even though the feel of the album is the same throughout there is a distinct difference between all tracks. All these elements are brought together, to create a maelstrom, a master class in underground extreme death doom. SUFFER YOURSELF have crafted a wonderful album and have shown the world that they now sit amongst the best of the extreme doom genre Album tracklist:

01. Spit in the Chasm 02. Desir de Trepas Maritime (Au Bord de la Mer Je Veux Mourir) 03. Submerging

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