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  • Jason Hesley

SUBLATION To Release "On the Advancement of Decay"

Philadelphia-based technical death metal act SUBLATION is ready to unleash their second release, On the Advancement of Decay.

The six-song EP is an experimental journey through a myriad of production styles and genres with a locus on Decay. As the release progresses there is a regression of clarity, melody, and even rhyming meter as Sublation navigates from one theme to the next. The painter Jay Defeo once said "Only by chancing the ridiculous, can I hope for the sublime" and with this release SUBLATION chances the ridiculous, grasping towards an ideal of a metal release that has narrative, compositional, and sonic cohesion.

Check out the EP's opening track, "Congenital Putrescence" now at


1) Congenital Putrescence

2) Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It

3) Eclipse Awe

4) Idiopathic

5) Born Out of a Whim

6) This Little Death

7) We Were Never Meant To Live This Long

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