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  • Jason Hesley

SUBFIRE – New Official Music Video and New Album pre-order announcement!!!

SUBFIRE proudly announced their collaboration with Symmetric Records for the release of their new album “Define The Sinner”. The new heavy/power metal force from Greece for fans of Halloween, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, produced by power metal mastermind Bob Katsionis! Album is ready and will be officially released on September 10, 2021.

Pre-order “Define The Sinner” now on:

SUBFIRE give us an idea with the release of official music video of the song

“Fate Of A Sinister World”.

Watch it here

The official music video for Subfire – Fate Of A Sinister World

Taken from "Define The Sinner" album, out on September 10th, 2021 via Symmetric Records.

Produced and mixed by Bob Katsionis

Recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, GR

Mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions, GR

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