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Stryfe signs with Wormholedeath for re-release of "Cursed Theatre" album!

California-based metal band Stryfe is excited to announce that they have signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the re-release of their full-length album "Cursed Theatre," due for release on April 21st, 2023.

The band stated:

"Stryfe is a Los Angeles-based metal band re-releasing its debut album, Cursed Theatre, in partnership with WormHoleDeath. The material found in the album is described as a vibrant sound of heavy rock accents and powerfully captivating vocals. Stryfe's is best described as a modern metal band with progressive ambitions while maintaining a hard rock sensibility and cohesive song structure. Stylistic influences range from death metal to Armenian classical and folk with a strong emphasis on melody. Each member brings countless years of experience and musical heritage to the table, giving the album a unique yet familiar sound that reverberates throughout. Thematically, the album is representative of a person who is able to overcome challenges or difficulties that life (or the Cursed Theatre) presents him with, and become a better version of himself as a result."

The band, whose name "Stryfe" comes from the word "strife," which means struggle - namely struggle against evil, hatred, and treachery - has a message that communicates the anxieties within the human condition and aims to bring people together and creates a sense of unity and significance at both the individual and group level.

Formed in 2003 in Yerevan, Armenia, the band quickly made a name for themselves by participating in festivals geared towards political and social improvements in their region, such as "ROCK AGAINST AIDS" in 2005 and a festival devoted to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The group also received financial support from the British Embassy of Armenia and organized several festivals, including "Rock the Referendum" and "Rock the Borders," which brought together bands from Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Italy, and Armenia.

After a difficult decision to relocate to the United States, the band's final lineup was formed in California, consisting of Sergio Ochoa on vocals, Kar Khurshudyan on guitars, Derek Vardumyan on drums, and Karo Torosyan on bass guitar. Each member brings experience and stylistic nuances to the table, giving the group a unique yet familiar sound that reverberates across all their material.

In 2017, Stryfe began writing, recording, mixing, and mastering their debut full-length album "Cursed Theatre." The album was released in 2022 and received critical acclaim. Now, with the re-release of "Cursed Theatre" via Wormholedeath, fans and new listeners alike will have the chance to experience the band's powerful message and sound.

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