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  • Jason Hesley

Streaming Now! Avant-garde Metal Duo DISORIENTATION New EP "Survival Mode"

Montreal, Canada's avant-garde metal duo Disorientation returns to unleash their sophomore EP "Survival Mode" on December 1st to follow their 2021 self-titled debut. Presenting a much blunter and more straightforward record than its predecessor, the 16-minute, 3-track recording bends extreme metal, noise, and hardcore influences at its will pushing the envelope with unorthodox vocal lines, odd structures, with the accompaniment of dissonant oboe and English Horn arrangements to create a strong emotional reaction to reflect tactics for psychological survival in unpleasant situations.

The band adds:

"We are very excited to present Survival Mode to the public. This is another milestone for us to express our own unique sound and perspective in the context of metal music. We both have been busy with other projects, which explains the 2-year gap between Survival Mode and our self-titled EP. However, the drive to produce more music of our own has never disappeared during that time. We doubled down on the unique elements that set us apart. We also opted for a more straightforward sound with a mix that better reveals each instrument and voice. We think that this will express the power of those new songs more effectively."

The overall theme of "Survival Mode" is about coping mechanisms, and the process of releasing this EP has been an exercise of survival for both Daniel Daris (Guitars, Bass) and Marie-Claude Fleury (Vocals, Oboe, English Horn, Drum Programming), who suffered losing loved ones during its recording. With "Survival Mode", they aim to build real momentum and bring their atypical symphonic music to the live environment.

Before it officially releases, Disorientation has teamed up with Bravewords for the exclusive full-stream premiere of "Survival Mode" HERE.

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