• Jason Hesley

Stream the Ep "The Pulsing Wet" by Lament Cityscape!

To observe the summer solstice, Heavy industrial artillery Lament Cityscape presents their new EP, The Pulsing Wet, on June 20. This EP serves as the second chapter of their conceptual EP trilogy. The New Wet, the first EP of this series, arrived earlier this year, and the ending segment of this sequence is scheduled to be released on this winter solstice. A single concept crosses into all three EPs, each EP representing a stage in transforming oneself into something new.

Although their sound can be categorized best with the heavy industrial umbrella, Lament Cityscape transposes the identifiers of murky sludge, post-metal, dark post-punk, avant-noise, and dark ambient as well. Currently set as a four-piece, the ever-evolving Oakland experimental group was originally started off as a sludge outfit by Mike McClatchey in 2013 and later had been served as a duo for the majority of the journey.

On The Pulsing Wet, Lament Cityscape traced a bleaker and more mysterious domain. Conjuring decaying cinematic elements and dreamlike ambiance, the group enriched their existing dismal, abrasive industrial vitality.

Mike McClatchey, the architect behind Lament Cityscape, informs:

“It feels pretty disgusting doing any kind of self-promotion right now, so writing this gives me shitty vibes. We will be donating all proceeds from ‘The Pulsing Wet’ to Black Futures Lab. I know we are a small band but, hopefully, we can raise enough to give them a couple of hundred bucks a couple of times. They are a wonderful organization.”


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