• Jason Hesley

Stream "Last Ride" by Autumn Lies Buried!

Autumn Lies Buried is a five-piece metal band out of Clarksville, TN. The band was originally formed in 2006 by Travis Wood. Since its birth, Autumn Lies Buried has since changed members and has developed a different sound. Through perseverance and hard work ethic, this line up has kept the train moving forward, looking to do all that we can to go as far as we can. What makes us unique is we are all from different places and have different upbringings. Kaelin hails from Texas, Mike from Ohio, Perry from East Tennessee and then the hometown boys Cane and John. We pull different inspirations from different genres like: Deathcore, Death Metal, Groove Metal and even hip-hop and older country. We integrate different genres in our music, and we pride ourselves on no two songs sounding the same. Our main goal is to build a fan base doing what we love and hopefully giving people a way to escape their struggles. The way we write our music is pretty basic, we sit down and bs around until an idea hits, then we run with it. It also helps that every person in the band can play more than one instrument. Though the vocals are last, our vocalist shows up and lends a hand in the instrument writing process. Our name, Autumn Lies Buried, is a commentary on the struggle and recession that most experience as winters cold embrace closes in on them. Our shows are packed full of energy, from the intro to the last note, all hell breaks loose. We love and appreciate all that come out and support us and our fellow local musicians. Our music can be found on many platforms from YouTube, iTunes, Google Play and many more.

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