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  • Jason Hesley

STORMCROW: Italian black metallers to work on the new album with Magnus "Devo" Andersson (MARDUK)!

Long-running Italian black metal force STORMCROW have announced plans to record a new album. Following the success of the latest record, "Face The Giant”, the band have managed to gain a larger fan base and to play several shows and festivals all over Europe.

STORMCROW are currently busy with the album’s recording sessions at ADSR Studio with the help of Carlo Meroni. Production, mixing and mastering will be handled by Magnus Devo Andersson, former bassist of MARDUK, in his Endarker Studio in Sweden. The new record will feature the band’s new drummer, Wraith.

Bassist Zedar comments:

“This project started immediately after the release of ‘Face The Giant’, which thanks to the excellent feedback received has given new vigor and lifeblood to the band. We spent a lot of time writing the songs, we wanted them to be representative of what is our essence. It will be ferocious, it will be evocative, a black metal record branded STORMCROW in all respects, but with new formulas that are the result of our current artistic journey and have been developed in these months of work. Production-wise, we decided to go for the very best, therefore, we approached Devo Andersson who immediately understood our intentions and put all his knowledge into play to achieve the goal. We are working on our most brutal material to date“

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