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STEVE DI GIORGIO Unleashes Bass Playthrough For DEATH's 'Zero Tolerance'!

TESTAMENT'S Fretless guru STEVE DI GIORGIO has just posted on his Youtube Channel a bass playthrough video for DEATH's 'Zero Tolerance', watch it here:

Steve on the playthrough video:

“I'm looking like a forest... Traipsing thru the forest... Found a 5-string fretless ESP Forest... Played that bass to a Death song in the forest... Bass amp - EBS Reidmar 750 & Neoline 8x10 speaker cab. 

This playthrough is the 'bass only' version from the Death To All video up on Gene's channel. 

I'm playing the bass line I recorded on the preproduction version that you can hear on the Symbolic reissue that has the bonus tracks. In 1994 I went to Florida with a dislocated finger to work with Chuck & Gene on the new songs that would become the Symbolic album. I didn't make the final studio session because of the timing of the birth of my daughter. But as things would happen...I returned again, and again. 

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