• Jason Hesley

STEVE DI GIORGIO's "Overactive Imagination" DEATH Playthrough Posted Online!

Darkglass Electronics have posted online TESTAMENT Bassist Steve Di Giorgio's powerful playthrough for "Overactive Imagination" from DEATH's classic album "Individual Thought Patterns". In the video, Steve is using the Microtubes B7K V2.

Steve commented

"Thanks Darkglass Electronics! I went down to Haywerid CA to do a live, on camera, recording playthrough of this Death song. Was a lot of fun, got to know a cool little Boston Terrier, and no worries Douglas.. Loren, Cody & Nikko took real good care of me. This poor guy in his 50s trying to play this song like I did in my 20s. Also want to thank those always behind me for their continued and valued support: Ibanez Guitars; Nordstrand Audio; D'Addario and Co.; EBS Professional Bass Equipment... and of course Darkglass! I should also thank my buds Gene & Max whom you also hear crushing it."

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