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  • Jason Hesley

Stellar Remains to release "Wastelands"

If you crave for a slice of powerful, intricate and diverse death metal with some furious and bone-crushing rhythms, then Brisbane’s Stellar Remains might just fill that void for you with their first release "Wastelands".

On this debut EP, Stellar Remains stretch out into the formless void of the cosmos and explore the expanse through vast soundscapes. Propelled forwards into the unknown by progressively minded death metal one man cosmonaut Dan Elkin looks towards the stars and beyond. There is equal parts terror and wonder to the unknown and “Wastelands” balances both these elements with an experienced hand to take the listener on a thrilling journey.

It starts with the engaging "Ceaseless Charade of the Living Dead" and crushing "Obsolescence", both featuring a whirlwind of intricate and fast guitar work intertwined by epic melodies and thunderous blast beats, then "Weeping on the Shoulder of a Memory" offers a change in pace with a slower tempo and delicate melodies, while the combination of harsh growls and clean vocals adds to the dynamic vibe of the track.  

It's this type of unique songwriting and unpredictable structures that provide more depth to "Wastelands", making it a challenging and memorable listen for fans of vitriolic and pulse-pounding death-metal with a progressive tone. 

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