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  • Jason Hesley

STATE OF DECEIT call out evangelical corruption and hypocrisy with new "Demi-God" music video!

British thrash, groove metal-core band State of Deceit just dropped a new music video and single entitled "Demi-God". This is the third music video & single taken from their upcoming full-length album Stalked by Daemons which will be released on October 13, 2023 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim Hamill (Anterior) at Sonic One Studio, and the music video was directed by Unit 15 Productions.

”This song means a lot to me because I wrote the main riff just after my mother unexpectedly died” says guitarist Jonathan Russell “the theme of people blindly following the pastor to whatever ends is the flaw I see in organized religion. The misinterpretation of text which is thousands of years old and the flock believing they are infallible could be somewhat angering whatever God there is.” Vocalist Pete Scammell adds, “This song was the first we collectively wrote for the new album, and it’s one of my favorite on the record. I love how the chorus has two sides of a story, with the cleans telling one side and the uncleans having a different perspective. I love the riffs Jon wrote in this song, especially how gnarly the riff sounds in the third verse with the alternate style of playing, while coming off the heaviest breakdown we’ve done to date!” Bassist Davide Santini continues “When we recorded the video for this song, we thought there was no better location than a destroyed church... in fact, it was the same day and location as our first video for Stalked by Daemons, Guarded by Angels which made it really a never ending challenge! I bet not many bands plan to record 2 videos in the same day so we are really proud of the result!”

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