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  • Jason Hesley

"Stalked by Daemons" video by State of Deceit!

Eclipse Records will present a new album from South Wales (UK) metal band STATE OF DECEIT entitled Stalked by Daemons. The album comes out worldwide on October 13, 2023, and it was produced by Tim Hammill at Sonic One Studios.

Stalked by Daemons, delivers the best of metalcore, thrash, and groove, often in stylistic antithesis that is startling and ultimately satisfying. The growl vocal is vicious just as the traditional, rich harmonies of the chorus-work are heartfelt and bold. The intricate rhythm tracks are fascinating mosaics, always evolving in shape and color, and the blistering lead guitar solos paint pictures that leave scars, the aesthetic kind, like treasured ink we pattern into the flesh.

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