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  • Jason Hesley

Stages Of Decomposition Releases Brutal New Single “Carve Out the Eyes”

Stages of Decomposition is a putrid and filthy brutal death metal band that crawled out of the underbelly of Los Angeles, USA, back in 2009. They have four releases out already and the latest “Raptures of Psychopathy” will be upon us soon, which will deliver extreme brutality and raw primitive energy. The next single is “Carve Out the Eyes”, which offers a glimpse inside the mind of murderer Richard Ramirez aka “Night Stalker”.

The band shares more details:

“The idea behind Carve Out the Eyes is pure brutality. This song is about Richard Ramirez who lived and committed his crimes in the LA area in the utmost brutal ways. We wrote this song to capture pure energy and aggression where when it's performed live you can feel the overwhelming power that Ramirez had over his victims. The lyrics, music, and energy truly make this a menacing song.”

“Carve Out the Eyes” promises to be a relentless sonic journey, delving into the raptures of psychopathy, using heavy and heart-splitting blast beats and corpulent riffage to sickening gutturals. Fans of extreme music can brace themselves for an unparalleled auditory and visual experience as Stages Of Decomposition continues to push the boundaries of Slamming Brutal LA Death Grind. Stay tuned for more bone-crushing revelations as the band gears up for their summer tour.

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