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  • Jason Hesley

SRD release the Album "Vragvmesiton"

Out of tribulations, a new album by Srd - 'Vragvmesiton'.

After four years of silence since their last release and with only a handful of live performances in the meantime, Srd spawn their third full-length release baptised as vragvmesiton. The naming itself undoubtedly unfamiliar to a foreigner, pays no homage to a native either. While coinage is theirs alone and for that matter translation into lingua franca of our time too difficult to bother, the idea within – which is that of temptations and limitations of flesh in feud with reason yet transcendence of the spirit; that of chaos opposed to order and form; that of Dionysian against Apollonian; that of abhorred standing against divine – is familiar to us all.

While the core aesthetic is still that of Srd, music and prophet-like vocal utterance nevertheless convey a different dimension. From wordplays and chants, to the use of Slovenian unique north-eastern dialect; not fearing instrumental experimentations, although still accompanied by a slow-paced rock’n’rollish black metal. Safe paths leaning onto unsafe and untested territories, similar as the contrasting idea within, such are the aesthetic conflicts of vragvmesiton as well.

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