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  • Jason Hesley

SPLIT IMAGE Unleash Single "Night Hag" To Kick Off Tour Dates w/ Psycho Mantis!

California's Split Image is set to hit the road across six states from August 26th to September 10th with friends Psycho Mantis. Excited to stir up mosh pits for twelve shows over two weeks, Split Image is sharing their new single "Night Hag", a track the band will be performing live for the first time in front of a crowd.

"I think our fans are going to love it! We haven’t played it live yet, so it’ll be extra spicy once it drops. We wanted to make a song to get fans pumped as if they are walking down a ramp and into a wrestling ring while their opponent is waiting to be squashed in 5 minutes." adds guitarist Joey Sia.

Written by the Sia brothers Chris (drums) and Joey (guitar), the track is about sleep paralysis as they explain further:

"For Night Hag we really wanted a song that a lot of people could relate to, sleep paralysis! The pure terror and helplessness you feel when you experience it, even if you know you’re just in a dream state, it’s still a pretty messed up thing to experience. Part of it also came from the Batman villain Scarecrow who uses his fear toxin to cause involuntary hallucinations based on the victim's worst fears. Musically, Night Hag has a simple structure in its composition. The song has a catchy riff throughout the whole time while the drums change the dynamics throughout the song. I think people can bang their heads off listening to Night Hag!"

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