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  • Jason Hesley

Spanish Female Fronted Alt. Metal Force Braindrag Sign With Wormholedeath!

Alternative metal rising star Braindrag has signed a record deal with Wormholedeath Records for their upcoming album, "Coure Roent." This collaboration promises to propel the band's unique sound, a captivating blend of groove metal, electronic elements, ethnic influences, and classical touches, to a global audience.

"Coure Roent" is due for release on July, 12th, 2024.

Reflecting on their partnership with Wormholedeath, Braindrag expressed immense excitement, stating, "As BRAINDRAG we are very excited to become part of the WormholeDeath family. When we began composing "Coure Roent", we knew that we had a great artistic challenge ahead! We wanted to reflect our personality and how we perceive the reality around us through metal. When we released our work on different networks many people became interested in BRAINDRAG from all over the world, which was incredible for us! At the same time, we received an email from WormholeDeath offering us a contract with them! They wanted to make a strong commitment to "Coure Roent" and to BRAINDRAG! This fills us with excitement and drives us, with more strength, motivation, and pride to continue growing with a company that values our art. So for that, thank you very much WormholeDeath!"

"Coure Roent" album

BRAINDRAG is a band with personality. Their album "Coure Roent" is different from anything you have heard before. With soulful riffs, musically it is hard and sensitive, sweeping and romantic.

It could be defined as alternative metal, sometimes progressive, powerful, and elegant, wrapped in technology and good melodies. It is an original and authentic project that doesn't pretend to sound like anything else.



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