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  • Jason Hesley

SOUR TIMES Releases New Video For "People Over Profit"

American extreme metal outfit SOUR TIMES are back with their highly-anticipated follow-up to 2021’s The 11th Hour. Their new EP, Awaken The Voiceless promises to be staunch, rageful and explosive in its blend of raw aggression and melodic inclination. Today, the band has revealed a striking new video for the lead track, "People Over Profit."

Joseph Izayea had this to say; “I’m stoked to announce the release of the new Sour Times EP “Awaken The Voiceless” on most digital platforms today. Our new video release “People over Profit” dropping on the Do Work channel also marks the elation in the Sour Times camp of seeing this record finally come to light. This whole endeavor was a long time in the making, and we worked hard to tap into the sentiments of anger, fear, and isolation most felt living through the pandemic and the never ending onslaught of war-mongering from the “profit above all” minded powers that be.

Taking into the fold Chris Matthews on guitar and Monte Arnstam behind the drums catalyzed a whole new ethos for Sour Times, bringing out the very best in Ben and I, and pushing the whole project into new territory. I’m pumped, and I hope you all find the record worth the wait!”

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