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Dutch blackened Death Doom Metallers SOULBURN are soon to release their fourth album “NOA’S D’ARK” next week, on November 13th, 2020 via Century Media Records.

Therefore, a new SOULBURN single entitled “Shrines of Apathy” is being released today, which you can check out in a video created by Maurice Swinkels / Younique Film (Legion Of the Damned, Exodus, Kataklysm, etc.) HERE!

SOULBURN’s frontman Twan van Geel commented about “Shrines of Apathy” as follows:

“It is with great honour we hereby present to you our latest video: “Shrines of Apathy”. Recorded and compiled by the notorious Maurice Swinkels (aka Sephiroth - dark horned ruler from the abyss) It was a great joy collaborating with him on this, and are more then pleased with his craftmanship!

“Shrines of Apathy” is the 3rd single we spit out from our upcoming album “NOA’S D’ARK”, which will be happily aborted in the viral magnitude of 2020’s November 13th. This song as well, might just remind you all of the unstilled hunger of our death magnets! The time is NOW, and however you want to fill this in on your behalf, make it count! Mors Vincit Omnia!”

SOULBURN previously released a lyric video for the album’s first single “From Archaeon into Oblivion” HERE and you can also check out another song off the “NOA’S D’ARK” album with “Anarchrist” HERE!

Here is the exact track-listing for the upcoming album:

SOULBURN - "NOA'S D'ARK" (47:32 min.) The Morgue of Hope (07:17)

  1. Noah’s Dark (03:57)

  2. Tempter ov the White Light (05:30)

  3. Anarchrist (05:57)

  4. Shrines of Apathy (04:34)

  5. Assailed by Cosmic Lightning (03:18)

  6. Triumphant One (02:15)

  7. Anointed - Blessed - and Born for Burning (03:47)

  8. The Godless I (05:03)

  9. From Archaeon into Oblivion (05:46)

The album’s limited first CD pressing comes with O-card packaging and two bonus tracks (which previously only appeared on the limited 7” EP “Carpe Noctem” from 2018): 11. Abyssica (04:50) and 12. On the Crimson Wings of my Ruin (04:18).

And next to the CD and Digital Album formats, “NOA’S D’ARK” will also be available as LP in the following 180g vinyl versions: Black – Unlimited, Transparent Magenta – Limited to 100x copies (CM Webshop Europe) and Transparent Petrol Green – Limited to 200x copies (CM Distro).

You can pre-order for “NOA’S D’ARK” in its various formats HERE!

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