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Soul Incursion - Finnish Death-Metal Outfit Stream Entire New EP "Eternal Darkness"

Helsinki-based death-metal quartet Soul Incursion today share their entire new five-track EP titled "Eternal Darkness", just one day ahead of the release date set for tomorrow December 15th. The full EP is now playing at Decibel Magazine, who had this to say about the band's sound "It’s a ripping slice of Scandinavian death metal with a strong thrash influence and grunted death metal vocals.

"Listen to "Eternal Darkness" in its entirety above.  Recorded by Tomi Uusitupa at Oxroad Studios & Oskar Bruun at Vallila '87 Studios, mixed by Tomi Uusitupa at Oxroad Studios, and mastered by Matias Nastolin at Louhinta Studios, "Eternal Darkness" features the artwork of Vermin Graphics and sees the band distilling a brutal and vicious death-metal with a increased focus on crushing and heavy riffs and pummelling rhythms.

Pre-orders are now available at this location: from Helsinki, Soul Incursion was formed in early 2020, when guitarists Oskar and Henri started writing songs in the vein of old school death-metal bands like Pestilence, Death and Demolition Hammer, highlighting a penchant for an unrelentingly heavy, catchy riffage.The band’s first studio recording, the “Infernal End / Intracranial Form” single was released in late 2021 and found the Finns intertwining fast thrash-inspired riffs with a decimating death-metal attack and some catchy melodies. With new member Arttu Turunen behind the drum kit, Soul Incursion returned to the studio to record five songs for a new EP and if their previous single suggested the path they might tread, this new EP confirms it and shows that Soul Incursion know how to write some serious and potent death-metal.

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