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  • Jason Hesley

Sorguinazia release debut album "The Negation of Delirium"

"The Negation of Delirium" marks the highly anticipated debut album from Canadian black metal duo Sorguinazia, released under Iron Bonehead Productions. The band, consisting of Xolaryxis and Acxzor, first emerged in the black metal scene with their 2016 tape EP, which garnered attention for its unique blend of raw power and intricate artistry. Iron Bonehead Productions, recognizing their potential, released their work in various formats, highlighting Sorguinazia's distinct sound that resonates with both primordial rawness and nuanced depth.

The album, "The Negation of Delirium," continues this trajectory, presenting a sound that is a complex mix of shamanistic and butcher-like approaches to black metal. It challenges the listener with a sonic landscape that is both mystifying and unsettling. The duo's style, which may have originated from Canada, transcends earthly boundaries, creating a sound that is otherworldly and extreme.

Years of tension and unease following their EP's release have culminated in this full-length work, embodying the unpredictability and unorthodoxy that Sorguinazia is known for. The album delves into various forms of delirium - mental, physical, cosmic, and sexual - and manages to negate them all, creating a disorienting experience for the listener. This is black metal not just in sound but in essence, capturing the genre's soul-flaying insanity and beyond-the-shade mysticism.

"The Negation of Delirium" is a testament to the duo's ability to create music that is at the edge of human experience. The album’s production transports the listener to realms far beyond the mundane, questioning the very nature of reality and human perception. This album is not just a collection of songs; it's a journey into the depths of the psyche, offering no promise of return from its dark and twisting paths.

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