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  • Jason Hesley

Sorathian Dawn release 'Radiant Terror'

Sorathian Dawn is a melodic black metal band from Sydney, Australia. Since emerging from their nocturnal catacombs in 2012 to release a self-titled debut they have been a mainstay in Australia’s underground black metal scene, culminating in their most recent performance to support Watain in 2019.

In 2014 Sorathian Dawn released a single demo ‘Lawless One’ while continuing to perform locally and in 2019 they released a 5 track EP entitled ‘Sun of the Deep’. This album was steeped in occult mysticism and sinister black magic themes that wound their way through technical and melodic guitars and intense virtuosic drums.

In 2020 Sorathian Dawn returned to their crypt and began work on their latest release, ‘Radiant Terror’. They spent three years crafting a dark and majestic offering that embodies their style of sinister black metal magic and on October 10 of 2023 ‘Radiant Terror’ was unleashed from its dark tomb to blaze a new path for Sorathian Dawn.

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