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SOLNEGRE's New Single “Ethereal, A Song for Nel” Is a Homage to Lives Gone Too Quickly!

The Spanish doom death metal act SOLNEGRE has shared a new song, entitled “Ethereal, A Song For Nel”. If the debut single “Vessel Part I: The Night Within” showed how the band created a true masterpiece inspired by the 90’s doom death metal, the new track is a moment of reflection and a personal homage to the late baby of a couple very close to the band and members of the scene who unfortunately passed away days after being born. The atmosphere is therefore intimate, delicate but, at the same time, tragic. Here, the guest Gadea Es Ineseta takes on the vocals and contributes to a delicate and ethereal mood delving on the sense of impermanence and loss. It also contains a virtuoso piano passage by Sebastià Pujol, from the progressive metal band Hyde XXI.

Watch the visualizer video on YouTube:

This is an in-depth statement about the song by Gebre:

The process of composing this song as one of that strange events in life where the veil that separates the worlds dims and you clearly have a glimpse to a more transcendental reality, or at least to a synchronicity that it’s impossible to bear from a logical perspective, although from a spiritual point of view one might feel a deep sense of connection and awareness.

Let me explain. We started the main lines on the structure of the Song having that “old weird out of place” songs from the 90’s Doom Metal albums that we loved and admired in mind. Most of the 90’s records that we loved had those feature “bad” or at least “out” song that don’t matched the others, like “Everwake” or “J'ai fait une promesse” from Anathema, “Deus Misereatur” or “Christendom” from Paradise Lost or “A dream of Wolves in the Snow” from CoF

We found that fascinating because they were full outliers and second takes at that band’s sound, so that was a thing we always wanted to experiment on.

It's well known that we belong to a community of musicians, bands, labels, music enthusiasts and music lovers, which is surprisingly active and productive. During those particular times, and here I will be extremely discreet, a couple of good friends shared with everyone that they were expecting twins, so during that times that were so harsh for me due to my bipolarity attacks and my particular struggle with depression, they always brought hope and joy, which I found relieving and calming. A light that cancelled my darkness. So, the song was finished, and the twins were born. And then the unimaginable happened overnight. I will not extend here for obvious privacy reasons.

Suffice it to say that we were all utterly devastated and, in the need to channel that absurd and brutal stream of unanswered questions before that broke us, so I called the Collective as well as our long-term friend Gadea (who was on a hiatus of her musical career, to super thankful for that) and my friend Tià Pujol, a top notch classic pianist and keyboardist and proposed them all to change the approach to a song talking about Fragility and Transcendence, and about how we felt at that time, as on a closed community such that everyone was pretty much fucked up. I obviously also called the family, who accepted and welcomed the effort from moment zero.

The tragedy unfolded, just and only when the blank page which was the song telling that story was ready to contain it.

So, what you’re hearing now is the catharsis of a real-world loss, an absolute vivid glimpse of what is to lose someone, created and born from tragedy, a synchronicity with the clear intention to serve as a balm, the blessing of transcendence.

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