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  • Jason Hesley

Solipnosis: Chilean avant speed/black metal force debuts new song!

Solipnosis, a solo endeavor spearheaded by Valdivia-based multi-instrumentalist El Centauro, has unleashed “Separación del Qué y el Quién,” the second preview track off the upcoming EP, Síntesis Silenciosa. This Chilean avant-garde black/speed unit is set to release this EP on 23 September through Cassette and digital formats via විරෑපී (VIRŪPI) [PRE-ORDER available HERE], with a sophomore full-length album planned to follow to complete the mystical cycle.

Of the track, Solipnosis architect El Centauro says:

“‘Separación del Qué y el Quién’ develops a metaphoric way to interpret the absolute mysteries of the unknowable and its nature. On one side, a dialectical way of being aware of it and, on the other, keeping it far from balance and mystical resolution, thus imitating the original sin of the biblical Lucifer.”

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