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  • Jason Hesley

SOL NEGATE release "Waves Into The Darkness" lyric video.

"Waves Into The Darkness" is a track taken from the album "On the Verge of Dreaming Again", re-released via Wormholedeath.

“On the Verge of Dreaming Again” is a concept album about death and dreams.

The album is the journey your mind takes as you die, reliving moments of the life you had flashing through your mind's eye, and how you experience that fall into death. Each track moves over time, how innocuous experiences can mark and combine, how your perception of events can haunt you, and how one may reflect upon that at the moment of death.

Edoardo composed, recorded, and produced everything other than drums and vocals; the band worked with Sebastian Lanser (Obsidious, ex-Obscura) for drums, Riley McShane for vocals (Continuum, ex-Allegaeon), and the great Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio for mixing/mastering.

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