• Jason Hesley

SOILWORK - drop their most ambitious release to date: "A Whisp Of The Atlantic"!

"A true auditive journey! SOILWORK exceeds all expectations and signs here one of the best EP of 2020!"ALL ROCK

"It's hard to imagine any of SOILWORK's more obvious peers pulling off such a dizzying indulgence with anywhere near the same level of flair.”BLABBERMOUTH

"You’d be a fool not to get involved in it’s mysteries. Top stuff"SENTINEL DAILY

"SOILWORK is pulling out all the stops on this monumental piece"METAL.DE

"Without ever losing their own handwriting, the band offers the largest ever variety of styles that one could imagine on a 5 track EP"MORECORE.DE

December, 4th: In the history of SOILWORK, this date will be written down as hour zero. It's the day, the Swedish powerhouse enters a new state of consciousness. The day that the band releases their most daring and ambitious release to date - the day that "A Whisp Of The Atlantic" is finally out.

The new masterpiece of SOILWORK sees the light with a more than stunning visual, transfering the mood of the titletrack into impressive images. Check out the video for "A Whisp Of The Atlantic"

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