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  • Jason Hesley

SMASH YOUR ENEMIES set to release the album "GENOCIDE" in March!

It should come as no surprise that Detroit’s own Smash Your Enemies habitually leave the art of subtlety at the door. This hardcore crew’s sound and aesthetic is one of wholeheartedly straightforward aggression: no gimmicks, just groove-laden bellicosity.

“Genocide is for sure, our heaviest record to date. We wanted to change things up for this one, rather than write the same record over and over. It’s a different animal now. There are influences and styles from all of us. We all listen to a lot of different music and to a certain degree, that comes out in this one.

Genocide is angry, it’s dark, and not without intent".

- Guitarist, Chris Norman

GENOCIDE , in short, is designed for bloody knuckles, bruised ribs, and the sweet taste of violent catharsis. Featuring a notably burly low end, spine-snapping riffage, breakdowns a-plenty, and snarled vocals dripping with attitude, Smash Your Enemies proudly exemplify the embattled realm of hardcore metal. As such, they will undoubtedly appeal to acolytes of Terror, Kublai Khan, Madball , and, of course, Hatebreed --the latter of which, given this outfit’s homage of a moniker, is practically a given.

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