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  • Jason Hesley

SLUG GORE: fast-rising Italian death-grind outfit drops new track "Wake Up Dead"

"Wake Up Dead" is the new single from Italy's death-grind outfit SLUG GORE. Stream it above.

The band will release their debut album, “They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!” on April 19th 2024 via Time To KIll Records.

"'Wake Up Dead' is a short and arrogant hardcore/death metal track. The lyrics revolve around a Dream Invasion, a common phenomenon in horror movies where a monster/killer infiltrates a person's dreams, killing them, and they wake up dead"


01. Post Nuclear Big Smile

02. Demented Crickets

03. Overthrow The Surface

04. The Dust Says You’re Fucked

05. Necrophiliattitude

06. Salt

07. Wake Up Dead

08. Stuck in the Mud

09. The Deadly Spawn

10. 50K

11. Primal Rules

12. Cut At Once

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