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  • Jason Hesley

Slog drops the album "Graves" this week!

A crushing blend of death-doom, funeral doom and sludge metal.

8 tracks of painfully slow, obscure, and esoteric death-doom. Each note is dripping with malice and intent and each song is a new horrific ritual. Released on Morbid and Miserable Records and Transylvanian Recordings on November 17th.

Slog’s debut album could easily be titled ‘Lessons in Esoteric Malice’ and anyone who listened to it would agree just how apt that namesake was. The band play a crushing blend of death doom, funeral doom and sludge that moves at a truly creeping pace. There’s an unstoppable force behind it, that of something monolithic. It feels as if it will roll over everything in its path simply crushing it beneath its weight. While heaviness is a key element, its actually the sense of malice behind the music that makes it so impactful. Prepare for moments of tension, haunting sinister riffs, powerful raw vocals and most of all a depressive and all-encompassing essence that permeates every element of the release. Additionally, there’s a cavernous, echoed feel to the whole album that adds to the already unsettling nature of the release, particularly in regards to the vocals. Given that the band is made up of Nicholas Turner and Jared Moran one can basically assume three things: 1) that this release will be of a high quality 2) that there will be pounding drum work and 3) that you’ll find wild meandering riffs. All three of these assumptions are in fact correct. However, the album is slightly different to the duo’s previous collaborative efforts due to the reduced tempo and energy of the album. So, embark on the path of most resistance and prepare to be crushed by the immense weight of Slog.

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