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  • Jason Hesley

Sliptrick Records Welcome International Thrash Metal Group KONVOLTED!

Konvolted it thrash metal? In some aspects: yes, definitely! In others, critics are not sure.

The group was started by rhythm guitarist Markus Öhrlich, who's been in music business forever and founded his long-time band Loonatikk in 1989. They started as a thrash metal band and later changed the style to swing metal. However, Öhrlich never lost his love for thrash.

In 2020, temporary filling in on second guitar with a local thrash outfit triggered off Öhrlich's desire to write some original thrash metal songs after a very long time. Using Fiverr and the like to connect with musicians worldwide he started his search for companions. Öhrlich was looking for musicians able to play metal but also other styles. He wanted a lead guitar, that's not only fast, not another shredder, but someone who also knows about non-metal music. He found a drummer, that besides being in a metal band, was also part of the ensemble Cirque Du Soleil and he slotted in just right.

And so bit by bit Öhrlich's idea was completed, ending up with 9 songs that have formed a new album that somehow sounds like thrash and somewhat also feels different. The time is here and Konvolted have now arrived.

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