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  • Jason Hesley

Sliptrick Records Welcome Brazilian Thrash Metal Group ROYAL RAGE!

Royal Rage is a thrash metal band from Curitiba, Brazil. Founded in 2011 by guitar player and lead vocals Pedro Ferreira, the band only started working on their own material in 2016, after former drummer Tiago Guaiger joined the band. In 2017, due to a car accident, they had to delay the recording of their debut album. The accident almost took Tiago’s life, as he was put into a coma of a week and had a slow recovery.

The band took their time to improve their material and bring on the lyrics written by Tiago after waking from the coma. Later on in 2018, Royal Rage released their first studio album, entitled Conquer. After the release, they had to part ways with Gaiguer, for it was not possible for him to play live concerts anymore due to the traumas of the accident. He was replaced by Tiago Rodrigues, who’s work was first seen in the single Bloodlust. Full of energy and with a brutal beating pattern, Rodrigue’s got the attention and the love of fans in no time.

The upcoming album, set for release via Sliptrick Records, will be a blast for all the trash metal fans who loves to jump into the mosh pit from the very beginning of the concert and stay there for the very end of the gig.

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