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  • Jason Hesley

SLAUGHTERSUN Release New Single "Ready Cell Awaits"

SLAUGHTERSUN have released the dark and macabre new track "Ready Cell Awaits". Discordant and entwining dissonant leads make for a hauntingly heavy track. Watch your back, or you might not make it out alive. 

Vocalist Justin Hillman comments: 

"'Ready Cell Awaits' takes the listener on the journey of sitting in a cell, awaiting execution and searching desperately for anything spiritual to cling to in order to relieve the anguish.”

Listen to "Ready Cell Awaits" here:


Drawing musical, lyrical and creative influences from the likes of DEMILICH, GORGUTS, CANNIBAL CORPSE and AT THE GATES, to name a few, SLAUGHTERSUN create their own take on the death metal subgenre. Band founder Ben Karas (WINDFAERER) initially began writing for SLAUGHTERSUN back in 2017, but it wasn't until 2022 that Karas was able to fully dedicate time and energy into the band. The band's line-up soon came together comprised of Karas' THANK YOU SCIENTIST band mate Cody McCorry, along with Jason Quinones (TOMBSTONER) and Justin Hillman (CRANIAL DAMAGE). In 2023, SLAUGHTERSUN began to rehearse and record in their full form and soon turned to preparing their debut "Fall of the Firmament". 

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